Tri-Snax Company Profile

The Factory

With over 40 years' experience in snack pellet manufacture, Tri-Snax continues to set the pace in the industry through the development of a wide range of technical innovations and the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction. Thanks to its unrivalled reputation, Tri-Snax serves a truly international customer base, exporting snack pellets around the world from Great Yarmouth's new container port and from the UK's largest container port at Felixstowe.

Tri-Snax is a world leader in snack pellet manufacture, offering the ultimate combination of shape, texture and quality . We are acknowledged experts in the use of many and varied ingredients, such as potato, wheat, maize and pulses. Our pellets are purchased by snack manufacturers worldwide, including many brand leaders. We trade in over 30 countries. Pellets are fried or hot air expanded and converted to finished snack products.