Snacks Development

Snack Dies

Although Pasta Foods has a wide range of snack pellets in its portfolio, the resources of our Development team are to hand if you need something that is not readily available 'off the shelf'. Our team is continuously working on new and innovative methods and materials to develop products for the future.

Hot Air Snacks

As the drive toward healthier products continues, Pasta Foods is at the forefront of product development that is eminently suitable for expansion in Hot Air. Whether you have a Cretors or a Torbed, we have developed products that are ideally suited to either type of equipment. Our belief is that 'very low fat' products will emerge as consumer demand increases, to form part of the main stream offering, alongside traditional products.

Shape and Colour

We have expertise in designing shapes for snacks to give visual appeal, texture and variety. We have developed shapes for dipping, themed shapes and 3-dimensional shapes in a variety of textures and surface appearances. Our natural colour systems can give snack products bright vibrant colours, or softer, muted colours as required by the customer. In doing so, we aim to satisfy all age ranges within our market places; from toddlers to the more mature markets.


Snack texture is probably the area that receives most attention in the development of a new product. While formulation plays a large role in controlling product texture, we have perfected a number of process controls that give us even more flexibility to deliver the texture you want.

Bulk Density

Bag fill is important to snack producers in all markets. We have designed certain shapes to give a low bulk density, and hence a good level of bag fill for a given pellet weight. Further control over bulk density is offered through formulation and process control.


Our experience of worldwide markets has shown that different countries have different flavour profile and texture expectations. We take care in sourcing ingredients to select those that give the flavour profile that is desired and we enhance this through our formulation expertise. We have been exploring the use of vegetable powders, lentils, other pulses and cereal ingredients to offer a wide range of distinct flavours.


We understand that developing new products is often a process that may require many steps and much attention to detail over many months. Pasta Foods assures you that our attention to detail and our policy of open and continuous communication with you, our customer is at the top of our agenda. We will always listen to your needs and act upon them, at every turn.